Ruckus Zoneflex 7372 Dual-Band 802.11n Wireless Access Point 901-7372-US00 #2

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Condition: Used/Refurbished
Available Quantity: 5
SKU: 2778
Warranty: 90 Days

Has some yellowing from age, but is in excellent condition otherwise. Removed from a working environment and guaranteed to be fully functional. No other accessories or power adapters are included - just the access point itself. Some of these may have autonomous/standalone software, and others may need to be linked to a controller. All programming is the responsibility of the buyer - software is available for free on the Ruckus website.


* Up to 4 times extended range and coverage, capable of supporting over 500 clients per ZF7372 AP
* Novel channel selection approach delivering up to 50 percent capacity gain over alternative background scanning approaches
* Up to 4dB of signal-to-interference and noise (SINR) improvement and up to 15dB of interference mitigation
* Up to 300 Mbps of user throughput and 128 unique antenna patterns per band
* Unit powered over ethernet - power supply not included.

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