Nortel Meridian M7310, Northern Telecom, NT8B20AF Black

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Condition: Used/Refurbished
SKU: 1155
Warranty: 90 Days

Nortel Meridian M7310 in excellent condition. Fully functional. Includes handset.

* Nortel M7310 (Model Number NT8B20)
* Allows up to ten incoming lines
* Display phone that shows time, date, and if you have a voicemail message
* Has 12 memory buttons that can be used for speed dial numbers
* Volume control button
* Speakerphone
* Conference, transfer, paging, intercom
* Compatible with Nortel Meridian phone systems (308,616, 824)
* Must be connected to a Nortel Phone System regardless of what phone service you have or it will not work

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